IEP-UTU PTRI partnership

Partnership with the Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group, University of Turku.

The Pincer Training and Research Institute (PTRI) in partnership with the Injury Epidemiology and Prevention Research Group, University of Turku (IEP-UTU), Finland are offering PhD programs to Ugandan postgraduates. 

Successful candidates can undertake both study and research in Uganda although the final defense must take place at Turku University. The PhD degree is subsequently awarded by Turku University.

Candidates from the sciences, humanities and arts background are encouraged to apply if their research area will involve aspects of injury and prevention. 

Key persons:

Professor Michael L. Wilson,

Head of IEP-UTU 

Affiliation: Group Leader, Injury Epidemiology and Prevention (IEP) Research Group, Turku Brain Injury Centre, University of Turku, Finland; Heidelberg Institute of Global Health, University of Heidelberg, Germany; Director, Centre for Injury Prevention and Community Safety, PeerCorps Trust Fund, Tanzania

Areas of Research: Injury; Violence; Adolescents; Suicide; Global Health; Epidemiology; International Development; Anthropology

Pascal Geldsetzer, MD, MPH, PhD

Professor Stephen Lawoko,

Country Coordinator of the IEP-UTU PTRI partnership. 

Profile: Stephen earned a PhD from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden, where he served as Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor for 13 years. He was appointed Professor of Public Health at Victoria University in Uganda in 2018, and currently serving as Associate Professor at Gulu University. He has published more than 65 research peer-reviewed articles in reputable scientific research journals.

Affiliation: Gulu University, Uganda

Areas of Research: Quantitative Research Methods, Social and Preventive Medicine, Injury and Violence Epidemiology, Healthcare Utilization, Community health

Dr Milton Mutto,

Executive Director, PTRI

Profile: Milton is an Epidemiologist and Global health scientist with over 15 years of experience in injury, violence, disability, research and prevention. He has practiced as a physiotherapist in both public and private health facilities. He has tutored at the School of Physiotherapy, at the Makerere University School of Public Health and the Injury Prevention Initiative for Africa. He has published over 20 peer-reviewed articles in indexed journals; co-authored the WHO Africa Report on Violence and Health and peer reviewed the UNICEF World Report on Childhood Injuries.

Affiliation: Pincer Training and Research Institute, Makerere University School of Public Health

Areas of Research: Injuries, Violence, Disability, Education and Community Development.