Capacity Building

Capacity building designed for development and project workers

Monday, March 12, 2018

by Angela Nakabugo

Taking time off to enhance one’s skills is a rare treat for some in the workforce owing to the tight schedules of formal employment. Many are preoccupied with meeting deadlines, executing assignments and more. A lot of developmental work goes on today, and will surely continue as long as we humans exist; but let’s not forget that there should be a place for evaluation – letting others add to your capacity is one of such ways. Africa ranks low on the development ladder; there are several factors responsible for this ranking, but I believe the solution to our development problems lies in continuous accumulation and search for the right information.

I recently coordinated a training on grant proposal writing, a one-week course that attracted 17 participants and was facilitated by highly trained facilitators. Grant proposal writing enables one to attract the right programs and projects that match their skills and manpower. A Ph.D holder may possibly shut their ears if they hear of a training opportunity of this kind, and yet many are inadequate in their environments and career pursuits largely because of the foregoing. Dr. Betty Udongo, a Senior Research Scientist was one of the participants at this training, in her words: “this was like a refresher course for me,” while Dr. Andrew Etuket found it “very exhaustive and helpful, it was perfect.” I would therefore recommend this training to whoever is keen on strengthening their research career.

The above is just one of the many packages that PTRI offers to those in developmental work. PTRI exists to sharpen the skills of monitoring and evaluation experts, social workers, public health experts just to name a few. This is something for anyone that wants to make a big impact. We also have packages that focus on empowering communities.

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