Applications and Course Outline

Professor Michael L. Wilson of Turku University with some of the members of the first cohort of students


Our intakes run annually, every September. Applications for the first intake are open until the 30th of January 2020. To apply, send your application to:

The Administrator, PTRI

Email: or call +256 787 715 780

Course Outline 

General Education Requirement options (10 ECTS credits required)

 1) Philosophy of Medicine, University of Turku (2 credits). This course is a requirement for all doctoral students within the faculty of medicine at the University of Turku. We can arrange for the course requirements to be met via an assignment that can be completed by writing and submitting two extended essays about a subject matter related with your research, research ethics or other matter with prior approval from the supervisory team.

 2) Teaching and supervision (8 credits) Doctoral students may satisfy a portion of their general education credits via teaching in an academic setting or supervising an academic project. Twenty-seven hours of classroom teaching or academic supervision is equivalent to one ECTS credit. The teaching or supervision hours have to be certified in writing with substantiated documentation, by the head of the respective department or institution where the teaching or supervision has been carried out.

3) Courses in academic writing (5 ECTS credits) Recommended courses in academic writing can be acquired by taking an online course at EdX

Discipline Specific Studies (30 ECTS credits required)

1) Methodology Journal Club in Injury Epidemiology (8 ECTS)

Note: A total of 16 journal club assignments must be completed for 0.5 ECTS per seminar. This journal club is carried out with the joint participation of students from the University of Turku in Finland and the University of Heidelberg in Germany.

2) Comprehensive Book Exam (12 ECTS) Note: A comprehensive examination will be offered and externally examined.

3) Scientific publishing of manuscripts not part of the thesis (4 ECTS) Note: Four co-authored manuscripts to meet this requirement.

4) Four credits are earned from the one-on-one supervision by the supervisor. (4 ECTS)

5) A minimum of two international conferences are required with an oral presentation (2 ECTS)

Additional Non-compulsory courses (Do not generate ECTs but of benefit to the thesis)

1) Qualitative Methods

2) Quantitative Methods

3) Introduction to Public Health

4) Introduction to Injury and Epidemiology

5) Project management

6) Grant proposal writing